Neil Cole Iconix

June 20, 2022 – As the founder of Iconix, Neil Cole has brought both innovative strategy and an industry-changing vision to the branding industry. When Cole founded Iconix, his creativity and business acumen drove his brand building mission. He focused making brands authentic and genuine—conjuring meaningful and tangible associations for consumers while maintaining consistent and timeless concepts for clients.

At Iconix, Neil Cole focused the company on targeting today’s smart and engaged shopper. He engineered branding strategies for the top names in fashion, luxury, hospitality, and more.

Cole’s approach gave brands a lasting impression but also a relevant and exciting presence. Iconix was determined to offer clients differentiation, to help drive a brand’s traffic and offer what other competing brands didn’t.

Neil Cole and Iconix built an impressive network of global partners to master branding for any and all types of clients. A combination of in-house marketing and collaborative projects yield a comprehensive, one-stop shop for a brand’s entirety. Effectively functioning as an ad firm that also owned its own intellectual property, Iconix Brand Group leveraged its partnerships to ensure client satisfaction, customer retention, and business development for all.

Neil Cole’s unique view at Iconix also concentrated on social media. To Neil Cole, it was an important part of any branding campaign. Capitalizing on these platforms allowed Iconix to do unprecedented market research and reach new audiences. It is these explorations and expansions that allowed Iconix to pair each brand with its most effective strategy and outlet. With profound knowledge of the markets and a true, deep understanding of what people wanted, both qualitatively and quantitatively, Neil Cole and Iconix ensured that brands were well-known and authentic.

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